My Affections

KAHLIL SAAD GIBRAN: (Bsharri, Lebanon, c. 1844–1909). Tax collector who ran into legal and administrative problems.

KAMILEH RAHME: (Bsharri, Lebanon, 1849 (?)–Boston, MA, 1903). Daughter of a Maronite priest. A woman of strong character with an appreciation of music and art who, in 1895, took the decision to emigrate to Boston with her four children, though her husband would not accompany her.

BOUTRUS “PETER” RAHME: (Bsharri, Lebanon, 1878 (?)–Boston, MA, 1903). Kamileh’s son by a previous marriage, he worked in Boston as a merchant to help with the family expenses.

MARIANNA GIBRAN: (Bsharri, Lebanon, 1885–Boston, MA, 1972). Began to work as a seamstress in Boston and made a large part of her brother’s clothing. She survived Gibran and inherited his manuscripts, correspondence, artworks, and personal belongings, all of which she later gave to the poet’s godson Kahlil Gibran.

SULTANA GIBRAN: (Bsharri, Lebanon, 1887–Boston, MA, 1902). According to Fred Holland Day, the sibling who most resembled Gibran, who in turn was very fond of her and deeply affected by her early and unexpected death

N’OULA Y ROSE GIBRAN: Nicholas “N’oula” was Gibran’s cousin. In 1905 he arrived in Boston, where he met Rose, also a Lebanese immigrant. They married and had five children.

KAHLIL GIBRAN: (Boston, MA, 1922–2008). The poet’s nephew, godson, and namesake, the sculptor Kahlil Gibran was the son of N’oula and Rose Gibran. He was a great admirer of his uncle and godfather and very close to his aunt Marianna, from whom he received Gibran’s legacy. He devoted his life to safeguarding this legacy and adding to it with drawings and oil purchased at auctions and from private individuals, assembling the collection now in Mexico.

ASSAF GEORGE RAHME (Bsharri, Lebanon, 1883–Boston, MA, 1952). Kamileh Rahme Gibran’s cousin, married to Maroun Simon, also originally from Lebanon. Close friends of both Gibran and his sister Marianna.